4 Downsides Of Not Having a Good Website

4 Downsides of Not Having A Professional Website

A business without a professionally designed website is like a vehicle without an engine. Nobody is going anywhere.

Over half of online shoppers leave a site if it’s poorly designed, regardless of how good the products and services being sold are.


But website conversions are not only based on a good design. There’s 4 questions that a customer asks on a site:


1. What is this? (Clarity)

2. Why should I care? (Motivation) 

3. Why should I choose you? (Value Proposition)

4. Why should I trust you? (Trust)


The better your website answers those questions, the more likely a customer will take action.


The downsides of not having a properly designed and optimized site are, well, missing out on a ton of customers.


Here are 4 consequences of not aligning the pieces on a site correctly;


  1. High Bounce Rate


Due to poor messaging and unclear visitor path, people get confused by all the information on your site without taking any meaningful action. To fix this, one must address the 4 questions mentioned above, and have a purposeful design and customer journey path. Everything on your site must have a purpose! 

  1. Lack of Trust


If your website does not convey your company in the way that it deserves, people could mistake your business for a black market pyramid scheme. We don’t want that. 75% of people admit to judging a company’s credibility just by looking at their website. Wouldn’t you want that first impression to be favorable?


  1. Don’t Know Why They Should Choose You Over Competitors


Your sites’ messaging must convey the value of your business in an effective way. What sets you apart from your competitors? What is your main value-add to customers? What results have you gotten for previous clients? 


Your business should be portrayed in a way that it’s clear why the visitor should choose you over competitors.


  1. Missing Out On Clients By Not Using Lead Generation Opportunities Like SEO


Your business website should be used as a client generation engine. Most websites nowadays are just glorified business cards, sitting on the web doing nothing. Gomadera likes to do things different: 


We audit your site using our 22-step SEO audit to see where your site is lacking in terms of organic reach. Then, we implement strategies to get you ranked at the top of Google search results and help you scale!


If you have a website that you would like to turn into a cash engine for your business contact us today.



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